Odaberite jedan od multidisciplinarnih centara ili specijalističkih ambulanti.

Multidisciplinarni LF centri

Unutar pojedinog multidisciplinarnog medicinsko centra pružamo timski
rad više liječnika subspecijalista koji ujedinjuje njihovo iskustvo, znanje i vrhunsku
tehnologiju u rješavanju medicinskog problema koji zahtijeva više kombiniranih
pristupa u dijagnostici i liječenju.


Otkrijte bolujete li od apneje i kako je brzo i efikasno možete liječiti

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Naš glavni cilj je poboljšanje zdravlja i kvalitete života naših pacijenata koji pate od glavobolje. To postižemo istraživanjem uzroka glavobolje, te primjenom novih, multi-modalnih terapija, uspješnih u trajnom uklanjanju glavobolja.

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Štitna i doštitne žlijezde

Upoznajte naš tim koji ima veliko iskustvo u liječenju različitih poremećaja štitne i doštitnih žlijezda 

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Saznajte da li bolujete od proširenih vena na nogama te kako ih se sigurno i trajno možete riješiti

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Otkrijte koji tip inkontinencije imate i kako je brzo i efikasno možete liječiti

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Sinusi i nos

Teško dišete kroz nos, curi vam nos i imate česte upale sinusa praćene glavoboljom?

Konačno sada ovaj problem možete riješiti sigurno i dugoročno.

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Na jednom mjestu cjelovita dijagnostika i liječenje poremećaja glasa.

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Šaka i ručni zglob

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Spolne bolesti

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Specijalističke LF ambulante

Za rad pojedinačnih specijalističkih ambulanti LF okuplja međunarodno
priznate subspecijaliste koji koriste najsuvremenije metode dijagnostike i
liječenja kako bi našim pacijentima pružili vrhunsku medicinsku uslugu.

Naš tim liječnika

Izjave pacijenata


I did rhinoplasty along with face tight treatment and the results were more than satisfactory. The guys (Boris and Peter) did everything at the same time, very professionally and in the shortest possible timeframe. I was out of tampons in 2 days, and my bruise recovery does not take longer than 7 days. Very gentle approach. Without unnecessary arrivals, with kind and friendly staff and arranging payments where flexibility was at an enviable level, the impression of service in this clinic is for every recommendation. Of course, I don’t even have to mention that my breathing is better now than before, and my facial skin is smooth and tight without any invasive method. Guys, you are the best. :)


I had unwittingly been suffering from hypopnea for nearly a decade. I did some research and I selected this clinic because it was located in a country where I have many friends. I had already been treated for this by a different physician in Canada, a surgery was done in my nose to remove an obstruction and believed it was better, but I was wrong. The Canadian doctor proposed dealing with the problem by CPAP or further surgeries. Their solution was to remove the first obstacle they find, see if that helps, if not, then remove the next obstacle etc. I had been using caffeine to stay awake, but my physical and mental performance was severely impacted by chronic sleep deprivation. At my first meeting, I was surprised to actually meet Dr. Filipovic, I presumed I would be looked after by an associate Doctor. I explained my suspicions and situation and told him, I do not want to go through multiple procedures to find one that worked. He listened, looked into my nose and proposed that I schedule and undergo a general anaesthesia, where he would be able to insert a camera and record what happens when I actually sleep. In addition I took home a wearable monitor for the night. After these diagnotics, it was found that a mandibular advancement device or CPAP would work for me. CPAP is not good for me because my young children would tear it apart. I had to leave Croatia earlier than planned, when I told his team. They moved heaven and earth to rush the casting, production and shipping of the device to me in Canada. Once I arrived here, his dentist responded to my emails to ensure I had proper guidance on how to adjust and use the device. It works wonderfully and with the clarity of thought that comes from regular sleep, I realized I should have a backup mandibular advancement device made, to use if my device is destroyed by my children. His team again did a wonderful job of using the casting I sent back to produce a 2nd set and ship it to Canada. I have tested the second device for a week now and it works as well as the first. I would highly recommend this team for their professional, courteous and effective effort. If, time & money allows and vanity demands, I would go to this team for a rhinoplasty in the future. Thank you all for improving my quality of life and work performance.


For so long I was dissatisfied with the breathing and the appearance of my nose. Of course the first step was to google rhinoplasty and read comments on forums of the people who did it in Croatia. That did not help because the amount of negative experiences only scared me. But I also read that the most important thing is to find a great surgeon so I finally went to meet with dr. Filipović. I met him, he explained the procedure and answered all my questions. On that first meeting I felt so confident that I even reserved a date for my surgery. Finally in November 2020 I had septorhinoplasty performed by dr. Filipović. They arranged that I stayed in the clinic for one day after the procedure. That really meant a lot, and I'm grateful for that. Recovery went fast and well, I almost had no bruising at all. I'm quite sensitive, so I felt some pain in the first 3 days after, but nothing too bad. It is now 2 months post-op and I look and feel better than ever. The result looks really natural, and it fits my face perfectly. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t do it sooner. Dr. Filipović is a miracle worker, and I will forever be grateful to him and his team.


I've done plasma skin regeneration and skin boosting treatment there. Clinic is beautiful, stuff is very friendly, young and with great knowledge and experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking high quality in every aspect. Thank you!


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