When we initiated the Lohuis-Filipović Medical Group we also founded the Lohuis-Filipović Academy to stimulate colleagues to learn from our experience.


The Lohuis-Filipović Academy provides books, courses, a fellowship in facial plastic surgery, peer-reviewed publications, as well as observerships in facial plastic surgery, headache surgery and apnea treatment. These tools may help individual physicians to polish their talents by gaining knowledge en understanding and by improving abilities and attitude.



LF Fellowship

In the clinic of the Lohuis-Filipović Medical Group we train young surgeons for a full extra year in aesthetic and reconstructive Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and General Plastic Surgery after they finish their back ground training in Otorhinolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery or General Plastic Surgery.

LF Courses

In the last  years the Lohuis-Filipović Academy organized several courses on several different topics to stimulate colleagues to learn from our experience and to discuss new treatments and innovative techniques. They include:


Skin Cancer of Head and Neck

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Rejuvenation of the Head and Neck


Pain in the Head and Neck Area

LF Books

We have transferred our extensive knowledge and experience into several medical books in the fields of:


Facial plastic reconstructive surgery

Facial aesthetic surgery


Migraine surgery

LF Scientific

The medical doctors working in the Lohuis-Filipović Medical Group are also focused on scientific researcher as a foundation of medical excellence.


As a result, they have all together published more than a 100 peer-reviewed articles in renowned medical journals.

They can all be found on www.pubmed.com when you type in the name of the author.

LF International cooperation

All specialists working in the Lohuis-Filipović Medical Group are experts in their clinical medical field and therefore often act as invited guest lecturer in numerous countries on many different scientific topics.


In this way colleagues can learn from our experience, while in return we learn from theirs.

“Every operation presents a surgeon with a diversity of anatomy, contours, proportions, requiring a series of organized and interrelated surgical maneuvers tailored to each patient’s anatomical and functional needs. Such skills require many years of study and experience as the surgeon observes, analyzes, and modifies surgical results. In particular rhinoplasty knows a long learning curve that lasts a life-time.”


~ Eugene Tardy, MD PhD

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